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NDVC Registration

2022-2023 Membership

NDVC Local + AOSA National (Unified Membership)

  • Early-bird Local Dues ($52 + $94) = $146  
         *(Open July 1, 2022 and valid through August 19, 2022)

  • Regular Local Dues ($57 + $94) = $151

  • Retired Teacher ($37 + $64) = $101

  • First-time Chapter Member ($37 + $94) = $131  *(non-1st year teacher) 

  • First-year Music Teacher ($0 + $94) = $94

  • Student Membership ($0) *Must show proof of full-time enrollment

NDVC Local + AOSA Workshop Fee (Local Membership + $20)

  • Early-bird Local Dues ($52 + $20) = $72

  • Regular Local Dues ($57 + $20) = $77

  • Retired Teacher ($37 + $20) = $57

  • First-time Chapter Member ($37 + $20) = $57

  • First-year Music Teacher ($0)

  • Student Membership  ($0) *Must show proof of full-time enrollment


To join NDVC, a local chapter of AOSA, simply  

Workshop/ Meeting Calendar

Stensrud 2022.png

There’s always a place for creation…a folk dance with a twist, a chance to explore the xylophone, or an opportunity to see what your body can do with one word…but pulling these ideas from our students can be challenging. Let’s go back to the Schulwerk roots of playfulness, discovery, and wonder as we explore these ideas and more through student-led choices, improvisation, risk-taking, and more. We’ll unearth the unexpected, so join us on the journey!

Heinz 2022.png

Come out and join the NDVC as we delve into some Drumming & Dance experiences that will spark your imagination and bring some new ideas into your creative classrooms.

I Can Relate to That - This session will provide you with a number of ideas to reinforce basic dance concepts with your students in interesting and unusual ways. As movement teachers we are constantly looking for engaging ways to reinforce basic dance concepts with our students. I have used these particular activities with a wide variety of age groups. There always seems to be something that connects with the students.  Here we will focus specifically on several key dance elements that will develop our student’s creativity and expressiveness in the dance medium.


Dance Unexpected - Be inspired to explore and create two very different choreographies based on common, every day activities. In the first portion of this session, SLEEP INTERRUPTED, I will work with participants using the very ordinary act of sleeping as the inspiration for a dance. Here we want to focus on allowing individuals to create their own interpretation and exploration within the piece. As we work through the choreography process, participants will be encouraged to expand on the basic movement and make it their own. In our second piece, WHILE I WAIT, we will create a dance based on waiting. This one will be done from a chair as we explore waiting in a unique and creative way.


Build a Beat – in this session, participants would be given the opportunity to have some hands-on drumming experiences leading into the opportunity to create their own simple drumming ensembles. Time will be spent on explaining what elements need to be contained in an arrangement in order for it to be successful. This activity could also be done with other non-pitched percussion

Folk Dance Social 2022.png
Folk Dance

Bring your family and friends out for an evening of dancing, mingling, and munching at our annual NDVC Folk Dance Social and Potluck!

Prestridge 2022.png

Awaken the Joy!

Stories, Games, and Songs that Delight

Music and Movement are powerful tools for learning but can also provide a joyful experience for both children and adults.  As we rebuild and reconnect after a few unpredictable years, we hope music will fill our students with joy and comfort as their creativity is reawakened.  Join us to learn stories, games, and songs that put a spring in their step and a smile on their heart!


Join us for an afternoon of ukulele fun! Friends and family are welcome!
No experience needed!

March 25, 2023 at 11:00am

LOCATION: Joe's Place, 375 N. Gibson Road, Henderson, NV

Ukulele Social 2023-2.png
Chapter Share 2022.png

Connect, collaborate and create with fellow NDVC Members and Teachers. We will host an array of presenters as well as celebrate the end of another successful year with our Founders Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting.


**Notes will only be for workshop attendees**
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